Sprout Out Productions

“Sprout out” of the traditional auditorium and follow the characters in Seed original and classic plays. Stories are performed “on location” throughout gardens, museums, stores, restaurants, cars, and other non-traditional venues. (City bus? Check! Krispy Kreme Drive? Been there done that, too and it was the best smelling scene ever.)



We begin our 2017-18 Season with a reboot of Rebecca Bossen’s 20-minute play from last season’s On Ice. Directed by Amy Sawyers,  “Iced Coffee…Five Cubes” stars Matthew Hager and Rebecca Bossen and is presented as part of Live it Up Hillsborough Street’s annual Art it Up Festival. 6pm Oct. 14th,  Jubala Coffee, Hillsborough St. Raleigh (across from The Belltower.)