ON ICE – The Plays

ON ICE – May 6, 2017- 5pm      Hillsborough St. Raleigh

A Spicy Pepino  by Allan Maule

Directed by Sue Scarborough and performed at Gonza’s Tacos and Tequila

with Jess Barbour (Hildegard) and Lorelei Mellon (Meg)


Iced Coffee, Five Cubes by Rebecca Bossen

Directed by Amy Sawyers-Williams and performed at Jubala Coffee

with Maggie Lea (Saoirse) and Matthew Hager (Noah)


Holding Still

Directed by Renee Wimberley and choreographed by Aya Wallace and Sheldon Mba

“States of Matter”  music conceived and performed by Jason Gilliam, Renee Wimberley, Mike Raab, Joe Wimberley (bass), Aya Wallace  (vocals), Andrea Amthor Twiss (vocals), Stephen Claybrook (piano), Fred Wilson (saxophone and percussion), Dennis Evans (guitar)

with Aya Wallace, Page Purgar, and Dustin Britt


A Perfect Negroni by Ian Finley

Directed by Brian Yandle and performed at the Aloft Hotel’s WXYZ Lounge

with Julie Oliver (She), John Honeycutt (He), and Cameron Denson (Waiter)