A Night at the City of Raleigh Museum IV


photo credit: Areon Mobasher

Our team of super-sleuths are headed back to the City of Raleigh Museum this summer with brand new characters from our capital city’s intriguing history!

This year we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Raleigh museums.   In this year’s story, Sammi the Squirrel, Sir Water Raleigh and Jacob Marling, curator of Raleigh’s first museum team up to explore the stories behind some of Marling’s collection and the map of downtown Raleigh. The 90-minute experience includes a scavenger hunt in the museum, craft, and interactive performance!  Shows are Saturdays, June 2, 9, and a16  at 3:30, 5:30, and 7:30.  Tickets are $10 for all ages.  And the show is suitable for ages 6 and up!

What to expect:   Check in at the City of Raleigh Museum lobby to receive your name-tag, and then head straight to the exhibits for a scavenger hunt led by our Seed Art Share  hosts. During their museum experience, we will explore the historic Briggs Hardware Building (which is varying degrees of darkness based on the time of your show) playing games, making a craft, and interacting with historical (and not-even-close-to-historical) characters throughout the show. The show is suitable for patrons ages 6+. Younger children are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Everyone will have flashlights but some kids are more comfortable than others walking in the dark so just use your best judgement. Check out will be downstairs in the City of Raleigh Museum classroom. Parents must present their matching tag to reclaim your kiddo!

And Parents! If you have been around Seed folks for more than five minutes, you know that our secret mission is to provide opportunities for you to hang out with other grownups during the time your kids are with us.  So, in that spirit, you may purchase tickets to walk the show with your little one – we promise it will be funny – or drop them off with our team 15 minutes before show time and head over to one of the nearby restaurants within walking distance!  We will text you if we need you during the event.

Space is limited!  Get your tickets now!