Well Fed, Well Said

We are thrilled to partner with The Irregardless Cafe on July 14th for the innaugural event in our new series at The Glenwood!  Before reaching the beautiful dining toom for a buffet of French-inspired vegan entrees, patrons will be immersed in two hilarious food-themed plays by Ian Finley.  Cocktails and live music accompany them, performed by local favorites  Julie Oliver, Byron Jennings, Jess Barbour and Dan Oliver.  Table trivia sets up a post dinner talk on the benefits of healthy eating by Joe and Terri Graedon of WUNC’s long-running show, “The People’s Pharmacy”.  We close out the evening with a yummy desert and the last short play in the trilogy. It is going to be a wonderful evening and we hope that you will join us!


Check out our Cast and Crew HERE!