seed art share – Shared arts experiences for performers, patrons, and the people they love!

seed began in April, 2010 as a ministry of Capital City Christian Church (C4). Our team included teachers, artists, musicians, nutritionists, students, psychologists, social workers, parents, children, actors, professionals, and general lovers of people. We desired to love and serve people in the artistic, college, and inner-city Raleigh community. Discussion events evolved into monthly gatherings with families participating in the weekly food distribution program at C4.

As artists; however, we recognized a greater need to support the creative neighborhood that is downtown Raleigh. How could we create affordable art and gathering spaces that were open daily, family-friendly, and sustainable by volunteer efforts? We then incorporated as a non-profit company called seed Raleigh.  We transitioned the company in 2013 to become seed art share, LLC.

The goal has never been to be just a venue or child-care facility. We want to be a community. We want to support and serve the Raleigh arts community and their families through events, performances, and community partnerships. We want to bump heads with people from different backgrounds, disciplines, theologies, and lives. While many details are still up for more brainstorming, we want to do something big here. As a team, we are driven by hospitality, grace, and a desire to see people sharing space and resources. We hope to create an open environment to grow crafts and relationships.

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