Rehearsal Care

Seed Art Share: Rehearsal Care

Being a part of a production is exhilarating.  It may also be a logistical challenge and bittersweet when your first (itty-bitty) loves aren’t a part of the process.    The goal of Production Care is to provide an easy way to share your arts projects without having to find safe child-care, miss lots of bedtimes, and manage the schedules of working actors/parents.

Seed Art Share will confirm rehearsal reservations on a weekly basis as sometimes production and parents’ schedules change. We will also send an email reminder to parents confirming the following week’s reservation.

Each session will include at least one adult team member (depending on group size),  basic safe childcare, age-appropriate toys and creative arts activities.  You will be able to text the adult, they may contact you in case of an emergency and you may check-in on kids as often as you like.  Depending on the nature of the show and space, we may peek in on rehearsal so that kids can see what they’re favorite grown-ups are doing on stage for your production.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities!