Seed History Seekers Drama Classes

2018-19  Seed History Seekers Drama Classes

These theatre arts integration classes for students 4th-12th grade combine acting, writing, design and a study of North Carolina history and culture.  As community partners of the Garner Area Homeschoolers, drama students (regardless of semester) are be eligible to participate in the NC History Museum’s Tarheel Jr. Historian Program. Their final projects will be submitted as a part of the TJH Annual Convention.  Please visit our Facebook page to see some of the great work our previous Seed History Seekers have completed!

Our program focus for the 2018-19 school year will be North Caroilna Playwrights.  And this year students will have four hour-long classes they may take which will culminate in the April TJH “History in Action” project!  Click here to register for this and other Seed Smart Arts Classes offered through the Garner Area Homeschoolers!