Seed Community Supper Minutes

Notes from Seed Community Dinner

3.2.17 @ the Wimberley’s  7:10 pm

Present: Barbette, Roger and Sheila Marsh, Renee

1.  Storage unit is getting crowded – looking for costume solution.  The adjacent unit is available but also investigating Z-racks on Craig’s list.  Still need portable racks for traveling shows..

2.  HQ space eventually….

3.  Seed Board  The goal is to have a working board.  Barbette, Jeremy, Carnessa, Née, and Sue committed.  Still meeting with potential team members and setting a monthly board meeting time.  Also opportunities for committee members. Added 2 new members to the Share the Show team this week!

4. Recent Classes.  

  • Newton’s Law of Fun (homeschool co-op, Apex)
  • Drop in Drama – 2 Acting for the Camera classes (homeschool co-op, Garner)
  • Share the Show (Zuccotti Park) at JTP

5. Upcoming Programs scheduled:  

  • speakUP: Readers Theatre, March 23rd 9am and 1pm
  • Share the Show at Sonorous Road/Bare (Dawn Gosney, facilitating)
  • Smart Arts: May 8 and 15: Medieval Madness, Newton’s Law of Fun
  • Summer Slam poetry camp June 6-8, Christy’s Dance Explosion with “Poetry Slam” at Aversboro Coffee, Garner 

6.  On Ice. May 6, 5:00 pm  Total budget is $2850, Potential revenue (24-35 tickets) $600-$875.00  Sponsorship goal: $1950. $300 donation committed from Myriad Media. Seeking additional help with development to meet with potential corporate and potential sponsors.  Still seeking: Production Stage Manager. Contact Nee ASAP if interested.

7.  Night at the COR Museum – Scheduled for the 3rd Saturdays in June, July, August.  3 shows (1.5 hour experience with hands on activity included.)  Museum said no to pizza. Tony Pender directing. Show is based on unsolved Raleigh myths and legends. Need a PSM, Education coordinator, Playwright, and 4M/4F Actors. Contact Nee ASAP if interested.

8   Next Seed Supper will be April 20 6:00 our house. (Taco bar) Bring a drink or sweet something to share.  Marsh’ should bring zucchini brownies because it’s the right thing to do.  RSVP for you and your family.