Introducing: Newton’s Laws of FUN!

Growing up, I was not a “science kid”. Experiments and dissections gave me the heebie-jeebies and I never thought I would never pass College Astronomy. This is not just a confession of a failed homeschool science teacher… It has actually been the inspiration for the new class that will launch next Monday morning: Newton’s Laws of FUN! I am a speak it, sing it, dance it, roll around in it, kind of learner. Schoolhouse Rock was my educational saving grace. So join me and a maximum of 40 kids for a creative drama workshop that uses theatre games to teach the concepts of Newton’s Laws of Motion. You won’t forget it – or hopefully them. This is a large group workshop so the cost is low, the pace is fast, and the energy is through the roof. Be there or be square!

$5/participant. Max 40
K-5th grade
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