Seed Art Share creates community through innovative productions and arts-integration programs.





Connect with other Triangle artists while sharing monologues, songs, and monthly pro-tips at innaugural AUDITION SLAM.   Register now for the August 20th slam at IMURJ to perform (or just enjoy the show!) and hear from  Jess Barbour about “Navigating Audition Posts” – including info on upcoming local auditions for kids and adults. DUE TO FLODDING, THE AUG. 20 AUDITION SLAM HAS BEEN POSTPONED. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!


Recently recognized by Triangle Arts and  Entertainment for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO LOCAL THEATRE, our goal is to explore theatre while sharing stories, resources, environments, families, challenges, and even roles. Please join us for these three shared arts experiences:




“Sprout out” of the traditional auditorium and follow the story around the block in our site-specific shows!


Join us for Classes and workshops that integrate theatre with other academic or custom curriculum. FALL CLASSES begin August 20.  Playwriting, character development, stage makeup, improv, puppetry, and more.


Share your arts experience with the other members of your family!



Whether you are a theatre practitioner, supporter, or both, we hope you will find a place to plug in with us!

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