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This exciting interactive Shakespeare workshop is back on Saturdays in May.    And this time, as part of the Triangle’s Artify and Wherefore projects, we are bringing the Bard to kids in local parks and outdoor events in Holly Springs, Cary, Garner, and Downtown Raleigh.   Find an event near you!


seed_logo_official  Seed Art Share celebrates shared arts experiences for Triangle performers, patrons, and the people they love!  Our goal is to explore theatre while sharing stories, resources, environments, families, challenges, and even roles.  Please join us for these three shared arts experiences:

  • Productions:    cropped-image12Sprout out of the traditional auditorium for these site-specific, interactive performances produced in non-traditional, environmental venues.  COMING IN JUNE:  an all new  Night at the City of Raleigh Museum nightinmuseumlogo



  • Share the Show:   We provide on-site, age-appropriate, show-themed programming for the children of performers or patrons during productions and rehearsals. imgresNEXT PROGRAM: June 26, “Ragtime” at The Justice Theater Project. 

Whether you are a theatre practitioner, supporter, or both, we hope you will find a place to plug in with us!

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shared arts experiences for performers, patrons, and the people they love!